West 㽶ֱ Police Organize “Driver License Resource Fair” Offering FREE Classes to the Public on the Process of Getting a Valid Utah Driver License or Driving Privilege Card

It is a partnership to help the public, to protect, and to serve. West 㽶ֱ Police are joining forces with the Utah Highway Patrol and Utah Department of Public Safety offering FREE classes to anyone who is looking to obtain a valid Utah Driver License or Driving Privilege Card.

The classes are part of a “Driver License Resource Fair” which is being held at West 㽶ֱ High School on Saturday, July 20 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Driver License class will be taught from 10 a.m. – 12 noon, in Spanish and English. Participants will learn the process of getting a Utah Driver License or Driver Privilege Card.

The Resource Fair will also offer fun family activities, food trucks, and many other community resources for those looking to obtain a Utah Driver License.

Don’t miss out on the FREE classes and fun on Saturday, July 20, from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. at West 㽶ֱ High School. Everyone is welcome!

㽶ֱ Episode 253: 㽶ֱ School District Receives Top International Award for Use of Cutting-Edge Technology, Meet Members of the Digital Learning Team

㽶ֱ Episode 253 Album Art WorkIt is one of the highest and most prestigious honors given each year recognizing school districts who are transforming education through the use of cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence in the classroom. Competing against school districts from all corners of the world, 㽶ֱ School District was a top 2024 winner in the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Awards.

On this episode of the 㽶ֱ, we talk to members of the Digital Learning team helping 㽶ֱ be a changemaker, shaping the future of education with the proactive and innovative use of technology.

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Custodians and Sweepers Hard at Work Over Summer Months Making Schools and Buildings Shine!

They are polishing floors, deep cleaning bathrooms, cleaning and resetting lockers, and making every inch of our schools and buildings sparkle. They are also out in the heat trimming, working on lawns, and perfecting playing fields. Take a minute out of your day to say thank you to custodians and sweepers who are hard at work over the summer months to make sure students and employees return to schools and buildings that are clean, well maintained, and welcoming.

These valuable employees contribute to the important first impressions in our schools and buildings, they lend a helping hand wherever they are needed, and they never miss a beat, even in the high summer heat. They are such an important part of the 㽶ֱ School District family.

Thank you, custodians and sweepers!

Introducing ParentSquare – The New JSD Communication Platform

We are excited to announce that 㽶ֱ School District will now be using ParentSquare to share communication from schools and the District. ParentSquare has replaced Skylert as the District’s new communication platform.

With ParentSquare you will receive all District and school communication via email, text, and/or app, based on your preference. Messages may be translated to your preferred home language indicated in Skyward.

Customize Your Communication Settings
You will receive an invitation email or text message directly from your school to customize ParentSquare. Please use the link you receive from your school to set up your notification preferences. It takes less than a minute. If you do nothing, you will still receive email or text messages. 

You can use the ParentSquare app on any device. The app is available at . You can also communicate through email and text messaging without downloading the app.

We look forward to connecting with you through ParentSquare. You will receive additional information from your school soon.

㽶ֱ Episode 252: What is the Mustang Battalion at Herriman High School?

Superindendent with the Mustang BattalionIt’s called the Mustang Battalion at Herriman High School and it is the first Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps or JROTC program in 㽶ֱ School District.

On this episode of the 㽶ֱ, meet students involved in the program and find out how it is teaching them valuable leadership skills which will last a lifetime. Also, find out what the JROTC program IS and what it IS NOT, as they celebrate their first full year at Herriman High.

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