School is Back in Session for Summer 㽶ֱ PREP Students

Some 㽶ֱ School District students are already back in class and having a blast with some really cool hands-on learning. It is part of a free six-week summer program called 㽶ֱ PREP,  (PRe freshman Engineering Program).

㽶ֱ PREP is a rigorous academic mathematics-based summer enrichment program that identifies high achieving middle school students with an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and STEM related fields. The students decide to join the 㽶ֱ PREP Program when they are 11 and 12 years old and commit to the program through their senior year in high school.

A big thanks to Stacy Pierce who is the driving force behind the program, bringing it to 㽶ֱ School District and the students we serve.

Student Operated Hair Salon Opens Inside West 㽶ֱ Middle School to Meet Needs of Students and Community

Pictures of new hair salonIt is a first of its kind in 㽶ֱ School District and will help students and members of the community who struggle to afford the cost of haircuts. The Lions Mane Hair Salon, operated by students in the Barbering Program at JATC South, will be open for business on Wednesdays during the month of June. The salon is open from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. and accepts walk-ins only, no appointments. The Lions Mane is exclusively for haircuts, no other salon services are provided.

The cost for a haircut is $8.00 and all clients are asked to enter through the front office at West 㽶ֱ Middle School.

㽶ֱ School District Students Give Life-Saving Blood to Thousands of Patients and the Need Continues Over Summer Months

Riverton High School Blood Drive During the 2023-24 school year 㽶ֱ School District high school’s sponsored 20 blood drives which helped ARUP Blood Services collect 1,385 units of blood. Because of the generosity and compassion of JSD high school students, staff, teachers, and families, as many as 4,155 patients received life-saving blood products in the 2023-24 school year.

 ARUP Blood Services is extremely grateful to 㽶ֱ School District for its support of blood drives at high schools throughout the school year, but they want everyone to know the need does not diminish or go away over the summer months.

If you would like to donate blood to ARUP during the summer or anytime, visit

Portuguese Dual Language Immersion Students Come Together to Celebrate Festa Junina

There was lots of colorful clothing, dancing, games, and smiles all around as students in the Portuguese Dual Language Immersion program all came together to celebrate what is called Fest Junina or the June Festival. It is a vibrant celebration that lights up Brazil during the months of June and July.

At Riverton High School the celebration lit up the gymnasium and it was a big party for everyone to enjoy, honoring Brazil’s diverse heritage. Local Brazilian restaurants participated as well, giving everyone a true taste of Brazil. Square dancing, or quadrilha, was also a highlight of the fun and energetic festival.

Thanks to the Portuguese DLI teachers, DLI students, and members of the community for giving everyone the opportunity to experience such a fun, vibrant, and beautiful culture!