Employee Services & Resources

  • Services and Information for athletic departments, parents, and student athletes.
  • Provides teachers with background information, trainingĀ handouts and links about Balanced Literacy.
  • Computer Support
    Find answers, solutions, and tips for your ChromeOS, macOS or Windows devices.

  • Professional learning is intended to encourage, guide and reward the development of staff members.
  • Contains clarification of policy guidelines for proper use of copyrighted materials.

  • Contains vast information regarding the use of technologyĀ in the classroom, curriculum resources, technology planningĀ and how to contact an area specialist.

  • An educational approach in which students are taught curriculum content in a second language.

  • Professional groups for employees as well as the annual negotiated agreements.

  • Ensures that the rights of students, employees, parents and the general public are maintained by providing physical facilities, programs and services which are accessible.

  • Provides information for seeking grants at a local, stateĀ and national level to support school improvement efforts.
  • Dedicated to increasing District awareness for the need for health insuranceĀ for all students.
  • Information about Media Centers and the Instructional SupportĀ Center.

  • Information regarding coverage, District contacts, and links.

  • Evaluation information for administratorsĀ andĀ employees
  • Postings include job descriptions, open and closing dates,Ā and qualifications.
  • Provides administrative services such as English as a second language (ESL); ESL Endorsement; translation services; and multicultural evaluation for Special Education referrals.

  • Information for new teachers provided byĀ mentor teachers.
  • A national initiative on American history, civics, and service.

  • Keep your information up-to-date, make additions and changes.

  • Information from the Research Review Committee.
  • School Community Council Resources
    Materials to help School Community Councils work on local school issues.
  • Secretary Info
    Directories, forms, and lists for school and department secretaries.
  • Enroll for courses that can improve the performance in your department or school.

  • Procedures, policies, Incident Command System documents and other safe school resources for students, parents and employees.
  • ³§³Ł²ā±ō±šĢż²Ń²¹²Ō³Ü²¹±ō
    The complete guidebook of editorial style for all DistrictĀ communications.

  • Contains links to Curriculum areas, consultants and websites.
  • A state curriculum initiative designed to establish a set of clear educational standards for english language arts and mathematics.
  • Resources for Utah teachers.
  • Utahā€™s online library of electronic resources.

  • Links to state government, programs and services.

  • Includes information about theĀ stateĀ budget, bills, committees, official publications, and contact information for individual legislators.

  • An agency that works with education and communities to promote excellence, achieve equity, and improve learning for children, youth, and adults.